Sunday, May 14, 2006

'Skill' drives Business, not 'Reservation'!

Whats all this talk of the Government poking its nose into the private realms, dictating whom to employ and whom not to? Could we have a crazier idea than having reservations in Private organisations? Is this some journey back in time heading for the good old days of stone? Are people in responsible positions in their right senses?
It was a time of fun, that of a cool relaxed, laid back attitude years back when every country had constructed barriers on its borders, virtually creating an illusion in the minds of its citizens that the world comprised just one Nation and no one else ever existed at all! And those days of yore are well past. People even in the remotest of locations are forced to feel the pinch of an undeniable force called 'Competition' from businesses across National borders. Globalisation is no more a buzz word - it's a fact of life and it's a way of living. One is not left with a choice to choose from - You live with it, or you cease to exist!
Companies are becoming acutely aware of this reality and are adapting themselves and mending their ways to rise up to the big occassion. Multi-national deals and collaboration are the norm. And business success spells the success of a Nation - and that of a Government.
But, the Government that represents its citizens in International Forums such as WTO's seems to be getting into the weird habit of forgetting the purpose of its actions, of it existence. These days, 'populistic moves' and 'opportunism' are seen as synonyms when one 'Right-clicks' in the word "Government" on a word document. And that is a disgrace!
The role of the governing body is, well, to govern. Regulating the free market and creating a conducive environment for businesses to succeed is the sole job of politicians, when it comes to its involvement with the corporates. The guys out there are sweating it out to succeed in their endeavours amidst hectic competition, both domestic and international.
So, respected 'Netas', limit yourselves to the job at hand - and you have more than your handsful anyway. Look at what needs to be done to get the society in one piece. Get the infrastructure right. And stop taking bribes. That would do wonders to our Nation. To get into business is none of your business!


Blogger trivialinc said...

Will Rajiv Goswami's sacrifice go to waste? Please go to his house and see his little children, his 5 year old son, doesn't even know why he does not see his father for the last one year.

7:53 AM, May 14, 2006  
Blogger Subramani said...

The politicians dont have even an iota of concerns for the people. It is just the vote bank that they are concerned about. How many of these politicians go to the Government hospitals for treatment? They rush to the Americans and Englands for treatment. The "messiah of downtrodden", Mandal maharajah VP Singh rushed to US for treatment. Why? Did he not believe in the abilities of the Indian Doctors?
I am not sure where this will lead!

4:31 AM, February 11, 2007  
Anonymous Poker Strip said...

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