Friday, April 07, 2006

Show Cause: Why should you not be Hanged?

They really are having a tough time. Imagine someone having to work round the clock, day in day out! All that would remain with them as spare time would be just enough for them to close their eyes for a while and stretch. They are pressed into action in full force. They have tough deadlines to catch. All of this when the summer has just been turned on by the weather Gods! Imagine the stress, the perspiration, the humidity! But the worst part is, they are never used to doing anything similar - something even remotely similar, or even a fraction of the work load that they have been burdened with!
We are discussing the cursed beings called "Public Servants"! The scene is that of Election preparations and garnering of all the votes that one could. To be fair, the election workers must really be feeling stressed out - for the poor things are not used to working at all for the rest of the time that they exist.
It actually is like the Cricket - the game in its slog overs, to be precise. Batsmen keep taking their own sweet time for the rest of the game, till it's 35+, when they suddenly realise that all that remains is too short a period to save face. Then begins the blast - at full go. Rules are forgotten - "a run is a run is a run" is the mantra - no matter how it comes, as long it keeps coming. The difference between the game in the stadium and the game these benedicts play out in the streets is that, at the end of the former, the crowd gets to cheer if the home team cruises to victory; in the case of the latter, the only people who celebrate are the players. The spectators are left to fend for themselves and count the days till they get a chance to watch another match in five more years - knowing for certain that they are going to end up in the loosing side!
In all these years of cheating the public for your own cheap benefits, what have you contributed after all, to the society? How do you muster the courage to face the electorate again, despite the dismal performance for the past five years? Do you really feel that closing your own eyes and suppressing your consciences to suffocation would make the public not realise the effects of your dirty deeds? Election after election, you go street by street, pleading for votes. You shout, you scream, you drive all traces of tranquility off the air! What have your achievements been? Dirty roads, beggars and hunger stricken kids on their sides, broken pavements, villages so remotely cut off from the mainlands that they look gruesome, like the remnants of a pre-historic age, schools with no ceilings . . . is this what you could do in all these years of your "Public Service"?
Here you are, all set to beg for votes again that would make you rich and leave you enjoying the fruits of power, gleefully oblivious of the very purpose that you find yourselves where you are for! Don't you think it's time you all committed mass suicide on stage, for all the crimes that you have committed, that you are yet to commit? If you have the guts to arrest peaceful protestors on charges of "Attempted suicide", how many times would you have to be hanged on counts of Hoemicide and Breach of Trust of billions?
Mend your ways - or don't show your faces the next time you gear up for the next begging spree - the roadside kid may spit into your face!


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